Prototype Concepts with Game Maker

Since I've been back in the saddle in August, I've been plugging away with Game Maker Pro; working on concepts that I've had for a while. What Game Maker has done for me has been largely making a very simple scripting engine that allows me to throw ideas at in a Java-like concept, and have it all work as expected. It's been refreshing and a large case as to what got me back into making things again after the long needed rest of Gauge's demise. Using the very simple concepts that makes the core of Game Maker's logic, I've been able to quickly build simple AI routines, create sound path finding algorithms, and try my hand at something that I need way more experience with: procedural generation. I think with continued time and effort I may have at least something playable, that I hope is worthwhile. The few I have shared some of the designs I have been plugging away at have really liked what they have heard, and some have even let me try the idea with them in a tabletop setting. As such, being able to get this into a medium that actually makes sense has me incredibly excited, and has made me realize just how finding the right toolset and workflow can make a world of difference in the moral in a project, and, thus, the progress that can continually be made.

As things start coming together more and more, I'll be sure to share more details and the nitty gritty.

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