Building onto Skyrim

So in these last few months I've went through a bit of a change: I quit my job, packed up my things, and relocated to Montréal. As one would expect, it put a hamper time on my work schedule, but it did give me a lot of time to just think. On the just-under 40 hour drive from Edmonton to Montréal, I went through and categorized my projects: what can I get done in a reasonable amount of time, and with the limited art repertoire I have, and would actually run on my laptop since my desktop is now in storage. As such I've shifted gears a little bit, moving a project I had in Game Maker to the shelf for the intimidate future and instead, jumping to the Skyrim Creation Kit which is more the subject of today's post.The Initial plan was to work on more VFX work; I wanted to sit down with the editor and see about editing some of the particle emitters for some of the water effects. While digging around I got distracted, a lot distracted.

It had been the first time I had sat down and played with the Creation Kit itself, so I ran through a few tutorials about using the kit, and found myself playing around with their quest system, and really having a fun time planning out the scenario. I ended up veering off the tracks from the tutorial and, in the end, I wanted more! But I didn't want to simply use what is already there for locales; I wanted to create stories that are told through the environment themselves, as well as getting around a good means to record audio dialogue. So over the past 5 days I've gone through some teachings about the level editing portion of the kit and have been bashing the tool, much like a caveman on rocks, to learn proper kit usage, transitions, ect. Below is a little screenshot of it as of right now. The next part is to fill it up so it feels alive and organic. My hope is to update this blog on a semi-daily basis with new screenshots and details.